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Favorites: Organic Plant Colors Or Herbal Colors For The Hair

When I don't go to a green salon and color my hair in an environmentally friendly and health-friendly way, I do it at home with best natural hair dye that is based on plants and herbs. There are many organic herb colors for home use to choose from today, and many of them are quite similar and often contain the same sets of herbs. Common to them is that they mix the ground herbs with warm water and apply the paste in the hair. Here, I list three of my favorites when it comes to plant colors that I have tested over the years.

Cultivator's Organic Herbal Hair Color, Chestnut. This shade is slightly lighter than I usually am and especially cooler. Brown / dark brown herb colors usually have a little more red in them. (This one also has red in itself, but not as much.) Very satisfied! And no, it does not cover gray by 100%, but it does give the gray rays some color and it looks a little more golden than gray. Another advantage of the herbs is that the hair gets a boost - glossy, good looking and gorgeous! Affordable and easy to do at home without a lot of synthetic chemicals that end up in your hair / scalp / drains. These are vegan and ecologically certified according to USDA Organic & Ecocert Cosmos. Rating: 5/5.

Radico, Hair Color Organic, Dark Brown. The paint is certified according to Ecocert and USDA Organic. In the package you will find herbs, plastic gloves, a hat and a brush - hurray! The herb powder is mixed with warm water to make a lovely giggle. The scent is clearly herbal and reminiscent of farm. The flap becomes quite compliant and with the brush it is easy to apply in the hair, and in addition, you get good at the scalp. After 1.5 hours of hair, it is time to rinse. The result is really good. Covers gray in a natural way, the gray is visible, but it becomes more fuzzy at the edges and a little more "blonde". My dark hair got deeper in color and my hair got super fine stuns. I didn't have to wash my hair in 5 days after dyeing! Rating: 4.5 / 5.

Khadi, Herb color, Dark brown. Same as the others; powder mixed with water. After about 1.5 hours with a plastic cap and then a towel over, the paint is rinsed out. The result is really good, the color covers the gray rays well - it will never be 100% coverage - and the rest of the hair gets a nice shine and as well as enhanced color. I would say that durability is good, but my gray ones start to appear in the scalp again after a month. But for a home color it is absolutely approved and the hair and scalp feels great! Rating: 4.5 / 5.

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